1. Does Skin Products Work! sell skincare products?

No. Skin Products Work! does not make or sell skincare products. We sell a service that provides clients with expert advice on what skincare products are right for their skincare concerns, along with tips to help them maintain their skin.

  1. Do skincare companies pay Skin Products Work! to promote their skincare products?

No. Skin Products Work! is an independent skincare consultant company. It receives no commissions from companies to promote their brands to clients.

Skin Products Work! recommends products to its clients based on the expert advice of owner and skincare consultant, Paulette Downey.

  1. How many staff does Skin Products Work! Employ?

One. Owner and Skincare Consultant, Paulette Downey.

  1. Are consulting packages priced by the hour?

No. All packages are fixed prices as noted on the package page.

  1. Where is Skin Products Work! Office?

Skin Products Works! offers skincare consultation online. Paulette will also meet with clients at certain public places within the city of Toronto and the GTA, in Ontario.

  1. I’m getting married and I want beautiful glowing skin on my wedding day. What is the time-frame I’ll need to get great skin?

You will need at least six months to get the skin you want for your wedding day. Book your consultation with Skin Products Work! ASAP to ensure your skin will be wedding ready on that big day.

  1. I do a lot of online shopping for skincare products, but with so many products to choose from, I don’t know what’s right for my skin.

Simplifying our clients’ choices is what Skin Products Work! does best. Once we know your skin concerns, we will tailor a routine and choose skincare products that are right for your skin. Taking the guess work out of what you should be using. Which, in the long-run, will save you $$$ by choosing what is right for your skin.

COVID-19 free because consultations are done online and worldwide.