Skin Products Work!

With so many skincare brands and products on the market today, choosing what’s right for your skin can get complicated and costly. Individuals have spent thousands of dollars purchasing skincare products only to find out they were not the right products for them. Many have been using the same products for years only to learn they are no longer working the way they use to. Still some are just entering the market of developing a skincare regimen but don’t know where to begin. And still others don’t believe skincare products work.
Well skin products really do work. And for nine years Skin Products Work! owner & beauty consultant, Paulette Downey, has seen results from many of her clients as a beauty adviser for a major skincare and cosmetic store. As a beauty adviser, she has sold products from mainstream brands such as Lancôme, Shiseido, Clarins, Dior, Guerlain, Lise Watier, Origins, Estée Lauder, Biotherm, Clarisonic, Filorga, StriVectin, Κorres, Elizabeth Arden, and much more to countless satisfied clients. As an independent beauty consultant, Paulette can recommend even more products to you because she is not receiving commission from any company brands and organizations.
She understands how overwhelming the experience can be when walking into a beauty department store with so many choices and having so little knowledge on choosing what’s right for you can be. So whether your concern is acne or that first furrow, Paulette will streamline your time and save you money in the long-run by developing a skincare regimen that is right for you by recommending skincare products that are right for you.
Skincare products really do work. You just have to know what you should be using to see the results.