Paulette Downey


Owner & Beauty Consultant, Skin Products Work!

Before my foray into the beauty industry I planned events, lots of events. I organized conferences, workshops, webinars, cultural festivals, weddings and so many more. While doing this I decided to take on a part-time job as a beauty adviser. With no prior experience or academic background in the industry, unless you want to call taking a 12-week beauty course when I was 13 years old, a diploma in liberal arts, post-diploma in corporate communications or a certificate in event management experience, I was hired after my almost 2-hour interview. Whew!  

Well what a difference seven years makes. I had absolutely no intention of going any further in this industry, but my already smitten heart for all things beauty delved deep into no return crazy love❤. My addiction to skincare, make-up and seeing the results my clients (and myself) got from my recommendations drove me to learn more. I would attend as many of the 32 derm and prestige training schools offered to me every spring and fall as possible as well as do online-training while working full-time. I don’t know how I managed that, but I did.  

So now I want to pass my experience and knowledge about skincare on to you by shaping a skincare routine that is right for you, helping to improve your face canvas, saving you time in trying to navigate what products you should use and saving you lots of money in the long-run from choosing the wrong products.   

SPW niche markets are:

  • Women 40 plus
  • Teenage & young adult girls

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